The best view in Yokohama

View on Yokohama Bay from my hotel

yokohama bay panorama

Yokohama is the fourth largest city in Japan and easily reached (20 minutes) from Tokyo. Yokohama is now for its large Chinatown, an area full of Chinese restaurants and shops with snacks and souvenirs. Close to Chinatown you’ll find a large baseball stadium. I went to see a baseball game there in 2018, which was a lot of fun. On one of my first trips to Yokohama, I wanted to experience the amazing view over Yokohama Bay which you can enjoy at various places in the city.

Landmark tower

Yokohama Landmark towr

You can experience that view from the Landmark tower, a gigantic brutalist type building with all kinds of uses. From the 52nd to the 67th floor, you’ll find the Royal Park Hotel. The rooms of this hotel have gigantic windows, with extra wide window sills that you can sit on. Pillows provided. Day and night you’ll have a gorgeous unhindered view of the bay, all the other buildings around are lower than the tower. I stayed at the hotel for one night and made this, too short, video of the sunrise.

Sky Garden observation deck

If the Royal Park Hotel is too expensive you can go to the Sky Garden observation deck in the same Landmark Tower. It is on the 69th floor. That’s 273 meters hight. The fastest elevator in Japan will get you to there at 750 meter per minute.  It’s 1,000 yen for adults and the Sky Garden is open from 10am until 9pm. Op Saturday, until 10pm.

For more details, check the Sky Garden website.

The harbour

In Yokohama you can get on a night cruise through the Yokohama and Kawasaki harbours. Read more about that.